17 Hottest Cool Gadgets That Are Going to Sell out This January

Doug Jones - Jan 1st, 2022
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As we all know, the past few years have been hard. The Pandemic made every aspect of life difficult, whether it was shopping for gifts, going to the grocery store, or caring for a loved one. We all deserve the BEST this holiday season.
Put on your cozy holiday sweater and sip your favorite hot chocolate, because we have some great news for you. It’s 2022 and the need to drive around frantically trying to find affordable yet amazing gifts is OVER. Our team of researchers and gift enthusiasts hunkered down and found the absolute best GIFTS for under $50! You deserve the BEST for LESS.
Shopping in stores now has many more issues than in the past. For one, there is no supply! I was in my local supermarket last week, and I couldn’t even buy butter! And secondly, inflation has hit retailers more than ever. Good thing we are going to show you products that are in supply and have a low price guarantee. That means if you are viewing this now, do not hesitate, because these low prices will only be available for a limited time!
Our advice? Buy NOW while supplies are in stock and low prices are available. These great deals will not last. All of the gadgets on this list have a 30-day money back guarantee.  Don’t get caught empty handed in 2022, find your perfect gifts today.

(7,358 reviews)

Problem:Factually, most people are not cleaning their glasses correctly, thus impacting their vision and their quality of life.
SolutionPeeps Glass Cleaners
With just over 2 million units sold, this gadget can be used 500x to clean glasses, rapidly, safely for your own comfort. Instead of smearing – like cloths and sprays typically achieve – this technology uses invisible carbon formula that cleans effectively – 4 times more effectively infect – without any risks to the lenses.

(7,263 reviews)

Problem: Computers fail. They can get viruses, wipe out all your memories in an instant. Safeguard your digital footprint with a new device…
Solution: ThePhotoStick Omni
ThePhotoStick Omni is essentially a small USB thumb drive that instantly backs up your priceless memories WITHOUT the frustration of having to search and organize them yourself – even granma can use it!
The Photostick Omni into your computer, laptop, iPad or any mobile phones and it starts running instantanously.
ThePhotoStick Omni is perfect and cheap. Stop spending money on cloud backup services right now.

(8,518 reviews)

It’s truly universal so it’s compatible with 99% of mobile devices, even ones that haven’t been released yet. That’s because GoDonut has built-in flexible grooves that fit everything from small phones to massive tablets.

These grooves hold your devices 6 different ways – giving you the best view possible no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Each angle can be viewed in either portrait or landscape mode and there are 3 different viewing angles to choose from: 45° / 70° / 90°

(7,570 reviews)

TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat is a patent-pending hot and cold therapy hat that provides natural and fast relief for all types of headaches.

The unique built-in flexible ice pack with 360-degree coverage is a game-changer – quickly relieving pain and putting you into a deep state of pain-free relaxation.

TheraICE relieves pain in two ways: by using compression and cold therapy to constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation, helping mute the signal of pain to your brain – or by using heat therapy to relax your muscles and ease tension, melting you into relaxation and comfort.

(9,096 reviews)

Problem: These days, getting a good night’s rest can be harder than ever. If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, or simply need some help unwinding at night, then there’s now a solution!


Dodow™ is a metronome-light scientifically designed to block out overactive thought patterns and lull you into a deep, peaceful sleep fast. Working to combine yoga, meditation, and behavioural therapy, Dodow™ is the safe way for anyone to fall asleep effortlessly and stay asleep throughout the night.

Using Dodow™ is so effective that customers report “falling asleep before the 8-minute mode ends”, and after a few months “not needing Dodow™ to fall asleep anymore”. In fact, this product works so well that it also comes with a 100-Day Money Back Guarantee.

(6,588 reviews)

Problem: Don’t you hate it when you have to throw things away when they can just be fixed with a little help? Broken vase, ripped cords?


Do you think it cannot be repaired? Think again. Bondic allows you refile holes in leaky plumbing, to re-attach broken eyeglasses and rebuild just about anything by just applying the liquid formula to the damaged area, shine UV light on it for only four seconds and you’re good.

Bondic is only complete when the UV light is applied and is so strong it will last forever. Additionally, this product is completely non-toxic making it safe to use around children and pets.

(7,593 reviews)

Problem: Have loads of old photos, film, VHS tapes and negatives sitting around fading and degrading away? unfortunately, they can’t be easily shared and eventually, they will be fone forever, that is until now.


Get free quote, free shipping and free image enhancements. The iMemories team is one of the most experienced in the business. Converting EVERY type of format to digital, they will sort and organize, make sure you have access all over the world, they will also enhance, restore and fix broken film. What’s more, it takes only 15 minutes!

Join over 1 million happy customers.

(8,202 reviews)

This lighting will surprise your clients and friends. When you’re in an online meeting, most people lack lighting, have a window behind them, or their light shines from above them. These cast shadows and make grainy videos.

OlumiRing is an LED ring light that clips to your laptop, tablet or phone….and with the click of a single button, it creates flattering, photoshoot-worthy lighting for video calls and photography. To put it simply, OlumiRing erases shadow – making you look brighter and more like your “real self”.

The perfect gift for the selfie lover in your life.

(5,723 reviews)

Kelvin17 is a patented 17-in-1 gadget that combines every essential household tool into one simple device you can carry anywhere. Its unique design is brilliantly engineered to make quick fixes, installations, and hundreds of jobs easy for anyone. Created for outdoor hobbyists, handymen, and beginner DIYers, Kelvin17 is perfect for anyone looking to be prepared at a moment’s notice!

Kelvin17 functionalities include:

  • Carbon steel hammer
  • Liquid level
  • LED flashlight
  • 3ft flexible tape measure
  • Flip-action screwdriver with 90º locking
  • 12 Extra hardened alloy driver bits
    • 4 (3 Extra) Philips head bits
    • 3 Flathead bits
    • 3 Allen key bits
    • 3 Torx bits
  • All packaged in its own ingenious carry case

No question: This is the most useful multi-tool we’ve ever trie

(8,383 reviews)

Problem: Car problems are common; what is even more common – getting ripped off while trying to get them fixed.


FIXD how severe the issue is, and how much the repair should cost, in simple terms. No more shady mechanics or shoddy dealerships ripping you off!

FIXD is easily plugged into any gas, diesel or hybrid car from 1996 onwards.

It is like having a mechanic in your pocket- FIXD Alerts you to 7,000+ potential issues with your car in real-time. Link Multiple FIXD sensors to one account to monitor the activity for every vehicle you own. Stop mechanics from ripping you off by understanding what is happening to your car.

Never get scammed at the garage again. FIXD is currently offering a special Buy 2-Get 1 Free Promotion. Get it while supplies last!

(7,309 reviews)

Problem: Are you looking for an effective way to clean screens without damaging them?


ScreenKlean is a patented carbon-based nanotech that will restore the high-gloss, HD clarity your screen. No scratching. No messy sprays. No harsh chemicals. ScreenKlean has sold over 650K units to date – and uses the same technology as NASA uses to clean screen surfaces.

ScreenKlean is the best solutions for to clean the screen of your gadgets. Learn more about ScreenKlean by clicking on the link below.

(5,601 reviews)
A micro-size orthotic support that adds maximum comfort to any shoe. This amazingly small insole adds the perfect amount of arch support to prevent over-pronation and relieve pressure from the heel and ‘ball of foot’. It fits into any shoe without causing the heel to slip out, and without crowding the shoe. No squished feet! No more needing to buy shoes one size larger to fit a comfortable orthotic insole. Have some relief and protection in your dress shoes, heels, flats, flip flops, running shoes and more! This new revolutionary design is durable, self-sticking, easy to clean and can move from shoe to shoe.
(7,421 reviews)

Bed Scrunchie is USA-made unlike any other bed tightening system. It uses a “360-degree” technique, which makes your sheets perfectly tight every time (with hardly any effort). This little tool stops your bed sheets from coming off the mattress corners too. It works on ANY bed type or size – and on any size of sheets! Yes, even if your sheets are too small or too large for your bed, Bed Scrunchie can fix it (and keep ’em on tight).

  • Easy To Setup – No mattress lifting! Setup takes just minutes
  • 100-Night Sleep Tight Guarantee – If you are not happy Bed Scrunchie will give you a full refund!
  • Perfect For Any Bed Type!
(5,458 reviews)
Grilling hits that perfect sweet spot of being able to cook WHILE you entertain and hang with your guests, but it can get pretty frustrating when you’re constantly running back and forth looking for the right tool. But trust us, this is NOTHING that the FlipFork can’t solve!! With 5 useful tools built-in one, FlipFork lets you easily and joyfully prepare and BBQ your food to juicy, char-grilled perfection. Even better? Less mess and cleanup! FlipFork is truly the only grilling tool you’ll ever need!
  • Spatula is large enough to flip a 42oz Porterhouse
  • Fork for precise flips for those delicately thin meats
  • Bottle Opener cracks open some cold backyard brews
👉 If you cook or know someone who does, this could be the perfect addition to their 2021.
(7,345 reviews)

Editors Note: “I am gifting these to all the women in my life!”

If threatened, simply pull the cap to activate Hootie’s strobe light and ultra-loud siren to safely attract attention and stop any would-be attacker. Hootie empowers women in their everyday lives.

Hootie is a new personal safety alarm that helps deter attackers without using violence.

It’s all the protection you would want, without the extra danger and violence that comes with carrying weapons – making it the ideal modern solution for women to safely and reliably protect themselves.

(6,221 reviews)

If you suffer from wine-related side effects like headaches, congestion, face flush, upset stomach or hangovers… then this wine purifier is for you.

The Wand absorbs over 95% of the histamines & sulfites from your wine, and then keeps them trapped inside of purification beads so they don’t leak back into your drink.

Just remove the wrapping, place The Wand™ into your glass, and leave it there while you enjoy your favorite wine. That’s it.

You can finally drink your favorite wines again, share fun times with the people you love, and still feel GREAT the next day!

(7,938 reviews)

Have you ever been bothered of finding that one crucial tool from your bulky and messy toolbox? Or have you troubled finding a screwdriver when you’re on your bicycle and some screw goes loose?

All you need is a Keyzmo, a patented 24-in-1 keychain that combines every essential household tool into one compact device you can carry anywhere. This key-sized tool packs full of 24 different uses, such as screwdriver, wrench, ruler, box opener… etc, just anything you can imagine.

Stop spending hundreds on a bunch of tools you’ll never use! Get one essential Keyzmo to tackle all those everyday trivial problems!

(9,417 reviews)
New All-in-One measuring cup to improve organization and help reduce clutter. The Kitchen cube is a premium measuring device with 19+ cooking measurements for cooking and baking!
  • 19+ Measurements in Both US and Metric for Maximum Use
  • Saves Precious Drawer Space and Reduces Clutter
  • Food Grade Material is Excellent for Children and Seniors!
  • Perfect for Every Kitchen, Dorm, RV and Even Camping!
  • Makes for a Unique and Fantastic Gift!
(8,090 reviews)

These are quite possibly the coolest wireless speaker ever made , TikiTunes is an award-winning Bluetooth speaker that also instantly transforms the atmosphere of any space — indoors our outdoors — with the soothing ambiance of a tiki torch.

And it’s not just a great looking speaker, the sound quality is impressive with surprisingly punchy bass for its size and you can easily pair two speakers together for true stereo surround sound.

The warm LED light flickers just like real flames and it works with or without music. You can also listen to music with or without flames. TikiTunes speakers are waterproof, dustproof, lightweight and portable.

Take your backyard entertainment to the next level! Listen to music, catch up on your favorite podcasts, or enjoy audiobooks anywhere.

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